What is Southern Adrenaline?

   Hello There! My name is Ben Jones, the owner of Southern Adrenaline LLC and Southern Adrenaline Racing.

   At a young age I found an interest in things that go fast and I loved watching racing of any kind. Like most kids I had a bicycle and riding started my journey into challenging myself. I would see how far I could ride, and how hard I could push myself. Racing has been an outlet where I can do just that. Having goals and dreams in a sport is good for your character, and it allows you to learn about yourself and life all together. Racing teaches you, hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship, financial responsibility and so much more. There is nothing like getting out an a racetrack and pushing yourself to improve.

  Southern Adrenaline is a company that accompanies the adrenaline lifestyle all together. We supply parts, accessories and gear for motorcyclists, car racing, gun shooters and so much more. We specialize in hearing products that are custom tailored to the individual and we have fun making our own apparel that expresses our style.

  I want to thank our customers, friends and supporters, because without you we do not exist. The people that make Southern Adrenaline continue on our journey, and make it fun to go to work, live a life of adrenaline.  Motorcycle riders, car drivers, police, fire, military, musicians are an example of the great people we interact with. There are some big goals and dreams for Southern Adrenaline and we hope to surprise everyone as they come to life. We inspire to provide quality products and service, and the goal is to constantly improve just like on the racetrack.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,


Ben Jones- Southern Adrenaline