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Oil Drain Bolt / Magnetic Titanium Sump Bolt

Regular price $22.92


Our Titanium Sump Bolts/Plugs are made from aircraft grade titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) and are suitable to replace both grade 5 and grade 8 steel bolts. They are fitted with a magnetic steel stud to attract foreign metal particles to help protect your engine.

These beautiful highly polished bolts have the added advantages of being 40% Lighter than the original steel bolts and are corrosion resistant. 

Oil Drain Bolt / Magnetic Titanium Sump Bolt
TISUMP1412FMAG M14(1.25mm)x12mm - $22.92
  • TISUMP1412MAG M14(1.50mm)x12mm - Sold out
  • TISUMP1412FMAG M14(1.25mm)x12mm - $22.92
  • TISUMP1215MAG M12(1.50mm)x15mm - $22.76
  • TISUMP1612MAG M16(1.50mm)x12mm - $29.90
  • TISUMP1812MAG M18(1.50mm)x12mm - $30.05

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