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Receiver Earpiece CF - Custom Fit

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Receiver Communication Earpiece is designed behind the same principals as the Skeleton/IFB Earpiece but fills the entire ear as a solid mold.  Sound is transmitted via small clear tubing attached to a receiver, usually worn underneath clothing.

The Receiver Communication Earpiece can also be vented, or filtered, to compensate the plugged up feeling and allow outside sounds to be heard.


Fully Occluded – Solid – Complete isolation from the outside surroundings
Semi-Occluded – Filtered – Vented, and/or with an acoustic filter, or dampening filter, to allow for some outside surroundings into the ear
Non-Occluded – Open – Fully non-occluded to allow for all outside surroundings into the ear


Each style is available in silicone, vinyl or acrylic material*.  Shoulder-mic harnesses, and any required radio adapters, are sold separately.  The harness is available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 3.5mm threaded jack connections.

Intrinsically Safe Harnesses are based on limiting energy, electrical and thermal, to a level below that required to ignite a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture. Harness comes with a 3-year warranty.


This is a custom made product. All of our custom fit products require an impression. 

Many of our custom products come with a warranty for fit as well as repair and service. If you need to verify your warranty status, please call our office at 817-371-2350 or send us an email at teamsouthernadrenaline@gmail.com.
Receiver Earpiece CF - Custom Fit

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