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Paddock Stand Bobbin / Spool 8m

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Aluminum Pair Paddock Stand Bobbins

High Tensile Anodised Aluminum Paddock Stand Bobbins. If you plan to get a paddock stand then you're going to need these. Saves scratching your swing arm.

These Bobbins screw straight into the swing arm, showing no ugly bolts, allowing you to use hooks instead of cups which may scratch your swing arm.

Available in M6 x (1.00mm), M8 x (1.25mm) and M10 x (1.25mm) sizes.


Pro-Bolt Paddock Stand Bobbin Fitting:

When fitting your Pro-Bolt Paddock Stand Bobbins, please ensure that the Allen key drive of the included Grub Screw is threaded all the way into the inside of the Bobbin itself, so that it is facing away from your bikes’ swingarm.

Then simply screw the Paddock Stand Bobbin into your swingarm by hand, using an Allen key drive to tighten gently if necessary.

Material: Aluminum
Product Type: Swingarm
Pack Quantity: 2
Paddock Stand Bobbin / Spool 8m
Black - $25.41
  • Black - $25.41
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  • Red - $25.41
  • Silver - $25.41
  • Gold - $25.41

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