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Your first step to participating free of arm pump, increasing your grip strength or relieving your elbow pain or Carpal Tunnel symptoms is to measure the circumference of the largest part of your forearm (see illustration), then choose between the four size options in the drop down bar. This will best identify which size 4Arm Strong will work best for you!

Invented by ex-pro motocross racer and Active Release Techniques® (ART) Certified Provider, Lee Ramage, the 4Arm Strong device is revolutionary relief from the forearm pump that affects many athletes in sports ranging from motorcycle riding and mountain bike riding to rock climbing and jiu jitsu.

By creating traction on the muscles in the opposite direction of the forearm stretch, the patent-pending 4Arm Strong expands the fascia and lengthens the forearm muscles beyond what can be achieved by unaided stretching. This creates more space in the forearm compartment to better accommodate excess blood flow. Creating this extra space results in less arm pump, greater freedom of movement and greater grip strength.

4Arm Strong also effectively relieves pain associated with;

Carpal Tunnel

Tennis and Golfer’s elbow

Reduce the risk of elbow and forearm injuries

It is one of the easiest-to-use self-therapy/performance aids on the market.


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11-12 inches (28-30.5cm), 12-13 inches (30.5-33cm), 13 inches & over (33cm), under 11 inches (28cm)