Proper Hearing Protection is essential when you are exposed to noisy working conditions.

Our program can be designed to address multiple concerns such as high noise, radio communications among workers, and varying attenuation requirements. We look forward to working with you now and for many years to come!

So, your company is looking for solutions that will help your hearing protection program starting now and for years to come? We offer several of the most diverse, self-containing, Hearing Protection Devices (H.P.D.) programs in the world. From very basic designs to highly adaptive custom-fit products. We will develop and organize a program around your company needs that is self-sustaining for the long haul.

To get started in our program, our custom-fit processes and outline the benefits of being part of our Industrial Custom-fit Group Program, email us at, or give us a call at 817-371-2350.


On average, we see disposable earplugs being sold by safety houses from anywhere between $0.16 per pair to over $1.87 per pair. Of course, this range depends on the style of earplugs being offered which varies from foam, silicone, gel, corded, un-corded, as well as metal-detectable.

We estimate an employee will use 2–3 pairs of disposable earplugs per work shift, in addition to what might be taken home for personal use which is often recommended by a company. In closer review, your company is most likely spending anywhere from $0.32 per day to over $3.75 per day per employee! This calculation assumes an average work year of 240 day. With this many work days and pairs of disposable earplugs being used, the cost of employee hearing protection amounts to thousands of dollars every year!

This is where our Industrial Hearing Protection Program with custom-fit earplugs for employees provides tremendous cost savings to your company and provides high level hearing protection for your employees. For as low as $0.29 per day, you can have an employee fit with custom earplugs, and with proper care and use, will last for several years.


Most industrial companies we partner with issue a new pair of custom ear plugs, per employee, every two to four years.  This depends on employee use and the industrial setting.  What this means is every year a company is continually reducing their bottom line per employee and saving the company thousands of dollars! This is only one reason why companies partner with Southern Adrenaline, use our products and appreciate the added value of our Hearing Protection Program.

More About Our Hearing Products

We all know the ramifications of excessive noise exposure, but in many cases the selection of hearing protection is not always given the attention it deserves. After a review, performed by E.A.R. Inc., numerous audio-grams, in addition to hearing surveys and fit check reports, there were many indications that end users were not installing their protection properly or were intentionally wearing them incorrectly.


Some said full insertions are uncomfortable, while others implied they already had mild or moderate hearing loss and needed a product that would assist with situational awareness. In other words, they were in need of being acoustically aware of their surroundings before circumstances resulted in negative consequences.

Lack of attention to such matters has proven to be expensive. For example, it has been estimated that in the United States we pay more than $1.6 billion annually for hearing-loss claims from the military. Communication breakdowns or not hearing critical sounds with machinery or moving vehicles also contribute to undesirable expenses for industrial accounts.

It also should be understood that employees with unidentified or untreated hearing loss who work in areas that are not noisy also contribute to expensive mistakes that are costly to industry. New legislation has opened a door for employees to buy over-the-counter hearing aids or personal sound amplification products at an affordable price.

Hearing Protection Options

Filtered ear protection is a common choice made available to workers who need to tamp down the intensity while minimizing this risk of overexposure. One of the most recent items has been a dual-filtered product that provides variable attenuation and also works for impact sounds such as gunfire. As the noise level goes up, so does the attenuation. Most, but not all, filtered protection is available in a generic form with different size options or custom fit. These can be worn under a muff when dual protection is required. Another version is available in foam.

Generic and custom molded products that connect with communication devices such as radios, Bluetooth, and smartphones are available.

Electronic earplugs and muffs are another options, and they too can integrate communications into their circuitry. These options are considerably more expensive but extremely valuable where there is a need to hear accurately while engaged in a noisy environment.


Situational awareness can coexist with hearing protection. Proper selection of such devices will minimize the risk of noise-induced hearing loss and allow an employee to perform better and not feel so isolated.

Technology constantly is changing, and it’s critical to understand the options that are available and how they work.