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Rugged M1 Race Series Waterproof Mobile Radio - Digital & Analog

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Powerful amplifiers, streamlined circuits, and efficient receivers make the Rugged M1 mobile 2-way radios easy to use and go the distance. 

Designed from the ground up in Arroyo Grande California, the M1 is IP67 waterproof, and its all-aluminum chassis protects vital circuits from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) improving performance and reducing noise. The large, clear, easy-to-read display provides quick access to programmable controls and an intuitive user interface. The included Accessory Hub provides convenient remote access to the programming cable connection and a 3.5 mm external speaker output.  

Ready to expand with the Rugged Ready port allows you to connect an almost unlimited amount of Rugged accessories. From intercoms, to headsets and much more, Rugged accessories have you covered. 

From the deserts of Nevada to the Baja Peninsula the Rugged M1 is the tough competitor that wants to win.    

Easy upgrade: fits all existing RM60 mounts.


  • Waterproof, IP67 sealed housing
  • Superior digital audio clarity
  • Ergonomic Hand Mic with Scosche® MagicMount Magnetic Mount
  • Digital / Analog VHF band mobile transceiver 
  • Powerful Mitsubishi Transmit (TX) amplifier
  • Clear-Hear Superheterodyne receiver
  • Programmable, Quick-Access controls
  • RFI reflective aluminum chassis
  • Large, Easy to read LED Display
  • Easy access remote Accessory Hub
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • 55 Watts
Rugged M1 Race Series Waterproof Mobile Radio - Digital & Analog

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