Southern Adrenaline to Sponsor Dustin Dominguez at CMRA Round 3 This Weekend

Southern Adrenaline is a trackside vendor service with a wide variety of products. Ben Jones of Southern Adrenaline has decided to expand his race program to support riders and has chosen Dominguez to lead the way.

The pair hope to continue success in the CMRA championship this weekend at Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson, Texas. Dominguez leads 3 championships as well as the CMRA number 1 plate. Dominguez has this to say, “I’m super excited to have help from Ben and Southern Adrenaline this weekend. My MotoAmerica plans fell apart so I’m thankful and excited to have help racing back home in the CMRA.”

Dominguez would like to thank all his sponsors for making his return to racing possible, Dunlop Tires, Arai Helmets, Motion Pro, Southern Adrenaline, Racer Gloves, RaceworX, and Evol Technology.

Ben Jones would also like to think the support of Xikar, Michaels Tobacco, and RaceworX. More about Southern Adrenaline can be found at

photo credit: David Gillen Photography

What is Southern Adrenaline?

   Hello There! My name is Ben Jones, the owner of Southern Adrenaline LLC and Southern Adrenaline Racing.

   At a young age I found an interest in things that go fast and I loved watching racing of any kind. Like most kids I had a bicycle and riding started my journey into challenging myself. I would see how far I could ride, and how hard I could push myself. Racing has been an outlet where I can do just that. Having goals and dreams in a sport is good for your character, and it allows you to learn about yourself and life all together. Racing teaches you, hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship, financial responsibility and so much more. There is nothing like getting out an a racetrack and pushing yourself to improve.

  Southern Adrenaline is a company that accompanies the adrenaline lifestyle all together. We supply parts, accessories and gear for motorcyclists, car racing, gun shooters and so much more. We specialize in hearing products that are custom tailored to the individual and we have fun making our own apparel that expresses our style.

  I want to thank our customers, friends and supporters, because without you we do not exist. The people that make Southern Adrenaline continue on our journey, and make it fun to go to work, live a life of adrenaline.  Motorcycle riders, car drivers, police, fire, military, musicians are an example of the great people we interact with. There are some big goals and dreams for Southern Adrenaline and we hope to surprise everyone as they come to life. We inspire to provide quality products and service, and the goal is to constantly improve just like on the racetrack.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,


Ben Jones- Southern Adrenaline

CD Beard Co in the Southern Adrenaline Wheelhouse!

We are excited to announce that CD Beard Co products are now available at Southern Adrenaline.

Handmade in small batches in North Texas, CD offers some of the finest all natural beard care products on the market today. The lineup offers beard oils, beard balms, beard washes, mustache waxes, sandalwood combs and boar bristle brushes.

Aside from the handmade, all natural aspect, all of CD beard care products contain only the highest quality carrier oils, essential oils, vitamin oils, body butters and organic bees waxes. Eliminate beard itch, beard dandruff, bumps and irritation and experience a softer, stronger, healthier beard.

The Signature line is the flagship line and has the aroma of the Caribbean. Aloha is the next step up and has the ocean breeze aroma of a day or night on the Hawaiian Islands. Black Tie is the ultimate beard care experience and has a man’s man aroma of sandalwood, oakmoss, sweet orange and patchouli with a hint of real whiskey.

You won’t find a better lineup of beard care products anywhere in the world. Made in Texas via Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii and wherever else the experience takes us. Beard Up, and Beard On!

Shop the collection here-

Hang Dry Suit Dryers





“Hang Dry”, originated as a solution for divers to dry their wet suits in between dives. It was clear that eliminating the hassle of putting on a damp suit was a game changer for many applications. For us at Southern Adrenaline  staying dry and cool is a major hurdle for us out at the racetrack during the sweltering Texas Summers. Keeping your suit dry is not only useful for performance, it also aids to prevent bacteria growth. A safe and convenient alternative to machine or flat drying your suit, keeping the leather supple and durable. Other uses include fire rescue gear, auto racing flame retardant suits, air dry only apparel, boots and shoes, sports jerseys, equipment, and more.

Now available online and at the track from Southern Adrenaline



Coupon code – HEAT


Motorsport racing is incredible, it gets the blood pumping like nothing else, it is basically an organized storm and the thunder is loud….Very Loud.

The scream of an engine and the smell of race gas is part of the experience and most wouldn’t have it any other way. The loudest part of a race is on the race machine itself and for the racer it has its pros and cons. The thrill of competition is a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime, but being exposed to the loud noise can present lifelong damage if not properly protected from it.

A race bike or race car can produce noise ranging from 90-140 decibels (DB). Studies show that sounds less than 75DB, even after long exposure, are unlikely to cause hearing damage. However, long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85DB can cause hearing damage. The louder the sound, the shorter the amount of time it takes to cause negative effects. Once you damage your hearing from noise damage there is no going back.

Hearing loss is in fact preventable and you can stop it in its tracks with proper hearing protection.


Sound exposure versus damage 

Driver Insight

“As someone who grew up playing music from a young age, I knew the value and importance of hearing protection long before my venture into Motorsports. From being able to maintain focus for longer periods of time, reducing if not completely avoiding ear fatigue, to actually being able to focus BETTER, proper ear protection is not only an asset from a health-and-well-being standpoint but also can function as an incredibly effective performance enhancer! I haven’t stepped onstage, in a studio, or onto a race track since I received my custom in ear headphones from Southern Adrenaline, and I wouldn’t ever want to put myself in a situation to perform without them!” (Wil Kitchens, IDB Racing)

Southern Adrenaline- Your Hearing protection specialist 

Examples of products for Motorsports made by Southern Adrenaline

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

  • Perfectly fit to your ear.
  • Conformable for long use.
  • Shallow fitting for comfort under the helmet .






Filtered Ear plugs

  • Filtered ear plugs allow non damaging noise above 85DB in so you can hear more regularly.
  • Allows for communication in the pits or during pit stops to be easier. 


Communication Molds 

  • Audio tube to connect to radio.
  • Great for pit crews and racing organization staff.


Racing In ear Monitors

  • Communication.
  • Listen for safety calls.
  • Works directly with race car systems.
  • Isolate radio traffic.
  • Pit Crews.
  • Race organization staff.

Other custom hearing products by Southern Adrenaline

  • Industrial
  • Shooting
  • Police,Fire,Military
  • sleeping
  • recreational headphones
  • Professional Musicians 
  • Swimming
  • Aviation 

To get your own personal pair of custom hearing products contact Southern Adrenaline

Phone- (817)371-2350


Introducing The Shot Hunt Electronic Waterproof Ear Plugs

Southern Adrenaline’s no fuss solution to your shooting experience!

Until now we primarily focused on Custom Fit only products, but this semi custom product passed our quality test and is at a great price.




Universal Fit adapts to most ear canal shapes. No fitting required

Ergonomic Half-Shell design prevents slippage. No gun mount interference

Memory Foam Tips ensure a perfect, comfortable fit and adherence to all ear canals

100% Digital Processor featuring multi-channel technology

Pure 360° sound for an easy and clear detection of sound origin

ShotHunt™ Standard electronic ear plugs offer three big features for all hunters and sport shooting aficionados: hearing protection, sound enhancement, and 100% waterproof construction. With a low-profile and lightweight design, ergonomic ear-tips, plus an outstanding 220-hour battery life, these hunter’s hearing aids won’t back down or give up until you do.




PRICE: $799.00

The ShotHunt™ Push Button Series (PBS) is an “all blue” unit and uses a small push button on the faceplate to control volume settings vs the ShotHunt™ Standard Series that uses a spin dial.  The user can cycle through the programs for various hearing capabilities.



PRICE: $799.00

The SHOTHUNT™ STANDARD (STD) is a small convenient digital electronic hearing protector, used primarily within the firearm sports. It’s discreet and will not interfere with shooting glasses, head wear, or active target shooting movements. It is available in Hunter Orange or Brown.



PRICE: $899.00

The SHOTHUNT™ Wireless Electronic Earplug System (WEE) maintains the same P2i water resilient features but allows the use of wireless communications via selective two-way radios or mobile devices. It interfaces with a induction neckloop with PTT button for wireless communications.

Blast Noise protection

ShotHunt™ provides SNR 32 protection from sound. This is a very good noise reduction rating, and ShotHunt™ will provide excellent protection from hazardous gunshot noise indoors or outdoors, on the hunt or at the range. Whenever dangerous sounds above 82dB occur, ShotHunt™ shuts off its sound enhancement, giving you that full SNR 32 hearing protection. Plush Comply® memory foam ear tips in 3 sizes help you get an ideal seal against noise.

Sound Enhancement

The ShotHunt™ amplifies safe, ambient sounds up to 20dB with HD stereo sound. Volume control lets you adjust the high-fidelity amplified sound to suit your ears and your surroundings. This makes it a snap to maintain critical situational awareness and hear voices from other hunters, shooters, or your range master. You’ll actually hear better with the ShotHunt in than you would with your naked ears!

Nanotech Waterproofing

You don’t call it on account of a little drizzle — or a downpour — and neither does ShotHunt™. P2i Aridion™ nanotechnology repels water from the electronic components, providing the ShotHunt with superior protection from water, moisture, sweat, and corrosion. One of the true waterproof hunter’s electronic earplugs on the market today.

Comfy Tips

For maximum performance and comfort and easy replacement, you can’t beat the ShotHunt’s Comply® foam ear tips. Each tip features an ergonomic design with super-soft memory foam construction around a flexible core, for a superior fit, superior noise attenuation, and superior comfort. 3 pairs of ear tips are included: small, medium, and large.


Southern Adrenaline offers custom-fit (custom molded) ear-tips for maximum comfort and performance by E.A.R. Inc.

Shot Hunt Products now available on the Southern Adrenaline online store.





No Shave November Sale !!!!

All beard products on sale for the month of November!



Winter is coming!

What better way to tame your facial exuberance than with natural bead oils, mustache waxes and balms. As a Bearded Gentleman you can look good, smell good and feel good. For the rest of you Grizzly Adams’s, explore the world and know that your beard is taken care of.

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Coupon code: no shave november


Southwest Truck insurance covers Southern Adrenaline

When you hear about racing safety, normally what comes to mind? Most would say helmets, protective equipment, boots, soft barriers, roll cages, fire extinguishers, things of that nature. What would happen if you had an accident on the way to and from the racetrack, damaging your equipment, your hauler and trailer?  Southwest Truck Insurance specializes in making sure you and your equipment are protected. Each customer receives a custom tailored program to meet your specific needs and budget. Southern Adrenaline is proud to be partnered with Southwest Truck Insurance to make sure we get to race to race. To receive the same coverage as our team visit





Southwest Truck Insurance

Next Stop Texas World Speedway (CMRA) Team Southern Adrenaline/Michaels Tobacco


This week’s event will be hosted at the ancient relics of Texas World Speedway in College Station, Texas. Rumor has it that this will be the final event at this track, but its final date of closing has been threatened in the past.

This season has been all about development for our team. The transition to 1000cc has been the proper direction for us, but success is something that will take some time to achieve. Taking the proper steps to improve and learn safely has been most important, along with staying healthy and keeping the equipment in one piece.  All of these factors are critical to a speedy and efficient development path.

Game Plan – We have some changes on the motorcycle we would like to try for practice Friday, but we wont know the success of these changes until we get on the track.

Team Southern Adrenaline- Powered By

Michaels Tobacco, Raceworx, Xikar, Crux Cigars, Nexx Helmts, Leatt Protectives, Racergloves, Evol Technology, Southwest Truck Insurance