Sāf-T-Ear® Rechargeable Electronic Earplugs


The Sāf-T-Ear® Rechargeable Electronic Earplugs offer unsurpassed situational awareness and clear vocal communication, while providing hearing protection from loud noises such as gunfire, construction/industrial sites, loud venues/arenas, landscaping, etc..

The earplugs feature a two-mode operation and is easily manipulated with the touch of a finger to the center button found on the unit.  The first mode, known as the “standard” mode, will provide adequate situational awareness with  up to 15dB gains.  The second mode, will increase your awareness for further distance understanding, and is know as the “enhanced” mode.  In either setting, you will still have active hearing protection (up to 40dBs) against louder noise levels.

The rechargeable storage case indicates the power within each earplug while charging.  This case will also indicate the overall power within its internal battery for easy use in the field.  The case will hold up 20 extra charges on a fully charged battery, and each charge will give you roughly 16hrs of constant use.

When you purchase your Sāf-T-Ear® Rechargeable Electronic Earplugs, they will come with a set of silicone eartips, as well as a set of compression foam eartips.  You can decide which set gives you the best fit.  You are also welcome to purchase a set of our Chameleon Ear™ PRO Series, 3D printed, custom-fit earpieces (sold separately).  These are available in a wide variety of high-viz, and muted, colors to personalize your units even further and enjoy them with “custom-fit” comfort.

Sāf-T-Ear’s® come with a limited 1 Yr Warranty and are IP67 waterproof rated.


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